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Our company understands that your website is an investment and therefore we take designing your web site very seriously. Web designing is our job and not something we do in our spare time. Our aim and goal is to give you a professional and easy to navigate web site while we focus on giving your web page elegance, an international look, attention and impact.

Designing your web pages is not just the mere out look but the intangibles too. These days internet users are not willing to spend a lot of time waiting for a page or graphics to load up; they demand fast loading pages and graphics. With us you will be assured of very fast loading pages and graphics of very high quality. We have the latest in web site designing and very highly qualified and experienced staff to do your job. Remember nothing beats experience and expertise and that is just what you get with P & O Website Designing and Internet Solutions.
Like they say "a picture is worth a thousand words," we design custom graphics for your web site. We put your photos and other graphics through a series of steps to get them to best possible standard and high quality. A web page with nice graphics is surely going to draw attention and that is what all of our clients are looking for.  
A logo is one of the most attention grabbing graphics on a web page. Its influence is great in terms of impact and impression. In most cases, we make technical adjustments on the customers logo to make it more internet friendly and attractive. However if a customer wants us to make a new design altogether, our experienced and qualified staff will be more than happy to design a prototype for your review.

We work hand in hand with our clients every step of the process. This help us to make our clients comfortable while making sure that we are producing an accurate job. Upon completion of your web site construction, we test the sites functionality on multiple platforms and with multiple browsers. This ensures that one of your users who may be viewing your page on platform you have no knowledge about will easily view your web pages the way you intended. You never know what kind of computer some other person in some country is using.
For those seeking modern or fresh looks we are always happy to advise and work with them. Most of the sites on the World Wide Web today were designed a few years ago and they are in need of modernization. Either they load too slowly or they contain dead links or they are not compatible with the current internet conditions/browsers.

We will take a close look at all these facts and more and our experienced team will advise you on suitable re-designs. Our job is to make sure your web site is doing for you what you want it to do. For more information please send us an email or contact one of our marketing staff.
Here below are some of the web tools and languages we use and support:  
  • HTML
  • DHTM
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Flash
  • Java-Applets (scripting)
  • Cold Fusion
  • PERL
  • ASP
  • JSP
  • All types of graphics
  • Animations
  • 3-D graphics
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